Migrating from Numara® Deploy to Prism Deploy®

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The information in this article applies to Numara Deploy, all versions.


Companies that are using Numara Deploy can easily migrate to Prism Deploy.  Prism Deploy provides the same user interface and is 100% compatible with Numara Deploy.  This means that all information contained in the database and all packages created by Numara Deploy work without modification in Prism Deploy.  New Boundary Technologies provides top-notch technical support and Prism Deploy fully supports Windows 7 and 64-bit operating systems.  The product also contains significant enhancements not available in Numara Deploy.  See the Related External Links section below for a link to the Version History page for Prism Deploy.


There are two options for migrating to Prism Deploy:

·           Migrate your existing channel database from Numara Deploy to Prism Deploy, -or-

·           Start fresh by creating a new channel with Prism Deploy, then optionally use the Channel Synchronization Tool to copy Tasks, Configuration Groups or Organizational Groups from your Numara Deploy Channel to your new Prism Deploy Channel.


Here are the basic steps of the migration from Numara Deploy to Prism Deploy:

1.           Create a backup of your current channel database.

2.           Uninstall Numara Deploy. Note: If you want to install Prism Deploy on a different server from where Numara Deploy is currently installed, that’s fine. Skip this step for now, because you’ll use your existing channel to deploy a subscription file to point polling clients to the new channel.

3.           Install Prism Deploy on the same server, or on a different server if you so choose.

4.           Restore the backed up database to the SQL server you used during installation of Prism Deploy. Connect it to the new Prism installation using instructions from New Boundary Technologies' Technical Support Team.

5.           Create a subscription file to upgrade the clients to the new version, and deploy it as a Command Task.

6.           Once you’ve verified that computers are now successfully polling the Prism Deploy channel, go back and uninstall your Numara Deploy installation if you didn’t do it before.

When you’re ready to make the switch, please contact New Boundary Technologies to talk about your licensing options and to set up a time to get technical assistance with your migration. Here are some ways to reach us:


Phone: 612-379-3805

Fax: 612-378-3818



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