Installing PPM 7.0 SP1

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 The information in this article applies to Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1

Installing Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1

 It is our STRONG recommendation to be logged in to your server as some form of “administrative” or service level account. PPM 7.0 SP1 locks down the instance of SQL it is pointing too, in such a way that the user performing the install is the only user account which has privileges to modify the database where PPM 7.0 SP1 is installed to. If you use a specific user account and that user leaves your organization you won’t be able to run application based updates to PPM 7.0 SP1 in the future. Some things to be aware of / watch out for. 

1) As mentioned, installing PPM 7.0 SP1 will lock down SQL in such a way that the instance can only be used by PPM 7.0 SP1. We do NOT recommend pointing to a remote SQL server for PPM 7.0 SP1 to reside. This will cause applications that use that same SQL server to stop working until you “unlock” SQL after PPM 7.0 SP1 is installed. You can NOT stop this lock down from happening during the install, you can only “unlock SQL” after the install is done. It is our strong recommendation that you let PPM 7.0 SP1 install a local copy of SQL Express 2008.

2) Two unique accounts are created when installing PPM 7.0 SP1. By default their names are Clientadmin and Serviceadmin. The wizard will allow you to use a domain or local user for these two accounts. The downside is that the passwords cannot be allowed to expire or be changed. If the passwords which are set at time of install are changed or reset to something other than what was used at the time of install PPM 7.0 SP1 will stop working. New Boundary Technologies will not be able to assist in this “change”, as in there is not a mechanism our Support Department can use to fix this if the password changes and it can’t be changed back to the original password used. The only option is a full reinstall of the product.

3) Once the server is completely isntalled it will attempt to make contact with several servers in order to download licensing information, client installation files, and patch information. If the server cannot contact all of these servers the replication will not be able to finish, and certain patches will not be available until the replication has finished.

The following URLs need to be whitelisted in an environment that blocks outbound traffic:


After PPM 7.0 SP1 is done installing and replicating we recommend performing any updates that are available to the product. Information about how to check for updates and how to perform them can be found in the Related Articles section

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