Task “Snooze” Option

Tasks now have the ability to be “snoozed” by end-users so they can be executed at a more convenient time.

Administrators have the option to configure tasks with custom messaging that prompts end-users to delay, if desired, the execution of a task.

The End User is enabled by first selecting the "Show Task Delay Settings" box on the first page of the "Schedule Task" dialog box.

This will now add a third page for you to configure your user interaction.

Allow Task Delay

With this option checked, users will be presented with the "snooze" prompt before the task installs.

Task Delay

With this option unchecked, the task will install without user interaction.

Task Delay ("Snooze") Interval

Use this option to select how long the task is delayed if the user chooses to "snooze" it. The drop-down list offers several different time intervals.

Custom Message

Use the Caption and Message options to customize the text the user sees in the "snooze" prompt dialog. If one or both fields are left blank, a default message will appear in the dialog.
One can include a special insertion point, <SnoozeTime>, in the Message text. The chosen task delay ("snooze") interval is substituted when the message is displayed.

  • Message text: "Click OK or click Snooze to delay for <SnoozeTime>."
  • User sees: "Click OK or click Snooze to delay for 1 hour."