Prism Package Size Limit Increase (64bit only)

The information in this article applies to Prism Deploy Packager, Prism Deploy 17, Prism Suite 17, and above.

With the Prism Deploy Packager, you can now build a Prism Package that can be larger than the previous size limitation of 4.3 GB. When building packages that will be large, please give ample time to the capture process. In addition, it is important to not preform secondary actions on the computer you are building a package during the capture process. This reduces the possibility of capturing objects not related to what was intended to be captured.

You should always review the contents of a Prism Package upon completion, to remove objects that are not associated with what was intended to be captured. The larger the package the more extraneous objects one might need to remove. Keep a copy of the original package captured to use as a reference, especially with larger packages.