Task Priority not compatible with mismatched scheduled Task assignments

The information in this article applies to the Task Priority feature in Prism Deploy versions 11.0 and later.

The Task Priority feature in Prism Deploy allows you to assign more than one task to a PC or group of PCs and to set a specific order for the Tasks to run (1, 2, 3..). However, the priority order may not work as expected if you choose to prioritize Tasks that have already been assigned using various scheduling options for Install or Reinstall, such as "Install after", "Reinstall after", "Reinstall on first logon after...", etc.

Let's look at a screen shot of various task schedule assignments properties.

As you can see, there are eight tasks, all with various task schedule assignment properties. Because all of the tasks have previously been deployed with schedules, the prioritized tasks won't install this time in their intended priority order. For Tasks to install in the priority order you want, all the Tasks must have the same installation schedule (such as Install or Reinstall). All other Task execution properties such as "Allow unattended installation" and "Run as" need to match as well.

Here is an example of task scheduling assignment properties matching;

As you can see, the Task scheduling assignment on the prioritized is now identical, and the Tasks will run in the proper priority order