The Running Tasks Window - Finding "Stuck" Tasks

The information in this article applies to Prism Deploy 16.0 and above.

The Running Tasks feature make it easier to know which Task deployments are in process and to troubleshoot ones that may be hung up.

It’s possible for the Prism Client to get stuck on a particular Task, causing other assigned Tasks that are behind it in the queue to remain pending. Here are the two most common ways that happens:

  1. A Task is configured to “allow unattended installation.” If the Task starts running when no user is logged into the target computer, it launches in the context of the unattended user. If the Task launches some type of prompt that needs a response, it’s impossible to respond to the prompt because no user is logged in. Even if a user logs in during this time, the unanswered prompt does not switch to the logged in user’s environment. The Task remains running.
  2. A Task is configured to run in Hidden mode so the end user won't see any activity. However, just like in #1 above, the Task launches some type of prompt. Since the Task was set to run in Hidden mode, the prompt can’t be answered because it is hidden from the logged in user.

This is what you'd see in the Running Tasks window:

If the Task had become stuck on multiple computers, there would be one entry for every computer where it was stuck. Assigned Tasks that are behind the stuck task in the queue do not appear in the Running Tasks window because they are still pending. Only those that have launched appear here.

Resolution to both scenarios:

To clear a Task that is stuck, either disable or unassign it within the Prism Console. Then reboot the client. To avoid this situation, always test any Tasks that you allow to run unattended or run in Hidden mode. Verify they don’t produce prompts that users must answer or open windows that users must close.