PwrSmart System Requirements and Supported Platforms

PwrSmart® 4.2 System Requirements and Supported Platforms

Important note: Power schemes are not enforced on Windows Server operating systems. However, a client can be installed on servers in order to allow that server to act as an agent for wake-up events.

Microsoft Supplemental Installations

These components will be installed separately if needed. They are downloaded from the New Boundary web site during installation.

Installed disk space requirements

Installer file size

SQL Server 2008 R2 Express3

350 MB

37 MB

MDAC 2.8

40 MB

5.5 MB

.NET Framework 2.0

150 MB

24 MB

These third-party items will be included in the standard installations as noted for the individual components above.

1 DEVEXPRESS and INFRAGISTICS DLLs are required to support reporting functions.

2Microsoft IIS 6, 7 or 8 must be installed on a Web server if you intend to use the NBTProxy Service. The NBTProxy Service enables HTTP/HTTPS communication from New Boundary clients that are outside the network perimeter to a New Boundary Channel Server inside the network perimeter. IIS installation and configuration is not part of the PwrSmart installation. Note: If you choose to install IIS 7 or 8, you must also install the IIS 6.0 management tools before installing the NBTProxy Service. Installing IIS 6 management tools is a choice during installation of IIS 7 and 8.

3The following Microsoft components are prerequisites to installing SQL Server 2008 R2 Express. They will NOT be downloaded during installation. If you plan to install SQL 2008 R2 Express as part of the PwrSmart installation (instead of using an existing SQL server), please install the prerequisites before starting the installation.

Installed disk space requirements

Installer file size

Windows Installer 4.5

3 to 4.5 MB

70 to 125 MB

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1

500 MB

197 MB