Prism Ruleset Files

The information in this article applies to:

• Prism Deploy

• Prism Pack

Prism allows you to set Installation Rules on Packages and define Configuration Groups based on rules you define. After defining a Rule, you can save the rule definition as a *.RULESET file to be shared among other Packages or Configuration Groups.

Where are Rules Defined?

  • User-defined Configuration Groups in the Prism Deployment Console (Prism Deploy only).
  • Prism’s Package Editor: Package Properties | Requirements | Installation Rules.

To Save a Ruleset file:

1. Create a User-defined Configuration Group or Package Installation Rule.

2. In the Edit Rule window, select Save Rule.

3. Give the rule a descriptive name. The rule is saved with the extension *.RULESET.

To Load a Ruleset file:

1. Create or edit a User-defined Configuration Group or Package Installation Rule.

2. Select the button Go to Editor to open the Edit Rule window.

3. Select Load Rule and browse to the saved *.RULESET file.


• You can rename a Configuration Group by right-clicking to open a drop-down menu and selecting Rename.

• Saved RULESETS from Installation Rules can be loaded in a Configuration Group and vice versa.

Saved RULESETS – Download Now!

New Boundary Technologies has posted sample RULESETS to illustrate the power of Configuration Groups and Package Installation rules. See the Related External Links section below.

If you have any RULESETS you want to share or have ideas for RULESETS you’d like to see posted, please contact the New Boundary Support Team at or 800-747-4487.