Channel Data Import/Export

The information in this article applies to Prism Deploy 17 or higher.

The Prism Console’s new Import Channel Data and Export Channel Data menu options provide a rich set of options for moving data between channels. This data can include: Organization Groups, Configuration Groups, Distribution Groups, Users and Roles, Tasks and Task Groups, and Task Assignments. The feature is found on the File -> Import/Export menu: Import Channel Data and Export Channel Data. These menu options open a wizard that allows you to choose the source or destination, the specific data, and how it should be handled (e.g., overwrite/do not overwrite).

For example, using Export Channel Data, you could select 10 tasks and 5 configuration groups, and export them to 2 other channels (and or to a file). You would have the option of including the assignments of those tasks to those groups (if any assignments existed).

For more information, please refer to the context sensitive help available within the wizard.