Active Directory User Authentication for Prism Console

The information in this article pertains to Prism Deploy 17.0 and above.

Prism Deploy has always been able to have a Prism Channel secured so that users of Prism are required to enter credentials before using the console. This requires that each user have separate Prism credentials, since Prism performs the authentication. Now a channel administrator can allow users to login using their Windows credentials instead of requiring them to use (and maintain) separate Prism credentials.

To enable Active Directory Authentication within your Prism Channel, you first need to secure the Prism Channel. Then, login to the Prism Console as a user who has Channel Admin rights, select the Security Menu option, and choose Configure Security. Check "Allow Windows authentication against" to allow users to use their AD username and password to log into the Prism Console. Note that the AD domain that will be used is shown to the right. To access Prism, they must have been added as a Prism user, and their Prism username must match their AD username. Therefore, if your Prism User is jjohnson, as long as their AD user name is jjohnson they will now be able to log into the Prism Console using Windows credentials. Prism does not store the Windows password. Prism queries Active Directory to see if the user exists and if the password they entered is correct. If the query is successful, the user is able to log in as if they were using "Prism Authentication".

This Configure Security dialog shows two Prism users. Assuming user “travis” is also “travis” in Active Directory, “travis” can login using Windows credentials.