Prism Mobile Architecture

Prism MobileTM Architecture

Prism Mobile consists of three components that work together to give you the ability to manage your Prism Deploy channels from your mobile device.

  1. Prism Mobile app for iOS and Android -now available on the App Store and Google Play. Search for it either by Prism Mobile or New Boundary Technologies.
  2. Prism Mobile Web Service, which is installed on your company's intranet (Microsoft IIS server with ASP.NET enabled). Download setup file by clicking here. IMPORTANT: The communication between the mobile devices and the Prism Mobile Web Service is secured using industry-standard SSL. The IIS server must use an SSL certificate from a valid certificate authority (CA), not a self-signed certificate.
  3. Prism Deploy installation (minimum version 13.1) consisting of the Prism Deploy server, console, channel database(s) and managed PCs running the Prism Deploy client. Download the latest version here.

Here's a graphic of how the pieces work together: