Prism Mobile FAQs and Tips

Prism MobileTM FAQs and Tips


Who can use Prism Mobile?

Any Prism Suite or Prism Deploy customer using version 13.1 or later. The Prism Mobile web service needs to be installed and activated on your company's intranet IIS server.  Contact if you need an activation code, or contact your company’s Prism Suite/Prism Mobile administrator for details.

How do I get started using Prism Mobile?

After launching the app, register as a new user of Prism Mobile with your email address and password. Your Prism Mobile administrator will give you the Server name to enter for your site’s installation.  Once registered, log into Prism Mobile. You’ll be presented with a list of at least one channel that your Prism administrator has made available. Log in using the credentials you would normally use when logging into the Prism Console.

Is Prism Mobile Secure?

Yes! All communication between the app and the Prism Mobile service on your IIS server occurs over industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is the same standard used for internet banking and online purchasing at sites such as

Prism Mobile app users log in once to the app (using the email address and password they used when registering their device), and once to the channel they want to manage. The channel login is the same one used when logging into the Prism Console on  Windows. This means Prism Mobile app users have the same roles and the same permissions they have when using Prism on their Windows PCs.

Prism channel data is not stored on the device.

How do the counts in Recent Activity work?

The count shown on “New since last check” is the number of failed deployments since the last time you viewed that information. Every time you view the new items, the count is reset.

Counts of failed deployments in the past week appear when you click on the “By task” and “By computer” buttons.  You’ll be able to see at a glance if a particular task or computer is experiencing a large number of failures. These counts are continually updated.



Shortcut back to Home

iOS: Simply swipe 2 fingers to the right. Android: use the Prism Mobile icon in the Action Bar.

Viewing long computer, group or task names

Just switch to landscape mode.

Viewing all task results (not just failures) older than one week

From the Home screen, find the task whose results you’d like to see. Alternately, look at task results for a particular computer or group.