Updating Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1 to latest version

The information in this article applies to Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1

Updating Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1 to latest version


At this time the newest release of Prism Patch Manager is 7.0 SP1 Update 3, which has a build number of*.

You can check to see what version you are on in the Prism Patch Manager console by:

         • Under the Help file menu option chose "About..." and the version number is displayed under the New Boundary technologies logo.

If you are not running then you will want to run the installer for Update 3, which you can download here.

After downloading the installer you will need to run it on your Prism Patch Manager server, and you will need to be logged into as the user account that originally did the install/upgrade to Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1. If you are not sure which user account was used to install Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1, then we recommend trying the account that you think was most likely used, and if you run into errors then you can get in touch with our New Boundary Technologies Support Department who will be able to assist you.


*When looking at you version number you might see a number of different version numbers. Here is a list of the possible version numbers and what release of the Prism Patch Manager they correlate to.**         Prism Patch Manager 7.0         Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1       Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1 Update 2       Prism Patch Manager 7.0 SP1 Update 3