Prism Patch Manager Subscription Servers




This article discusses additional subscription servers to be added to support Prism Patch Manager’s subscription service and provides IP addresses for the new servers in the event that your organization uses outbound filtering rules to restrict outbound Internet traffic. Please review this information thoroughly and advise the appropriate technical resources at your organization about these changes.

Applies To: Prism Patch Manager Subscription Server

 In an effort to enhance the Prism Patch Manager global subscription network with increased levels of fault tolerance, additional subscription servers will be added in the regions listed in the table below and will be available immediately. A failure to communicate with the current subscription server,, will automatically direct your request to the next server in your region.





Node IP

US-West Coast

Mesa, AZ


US-East Coast

Ashburn, VA







Changes to Firewall Configuration

Organizations using outbound filtering rules will need to add rules for the new IP addresses.