Installing Policy Commander 3.x on an Existing Prism or PwrSmart Server

Installing Policy Commander 3.X on an Existing Prism Deploy Server

Policy Commander can be installed on the same server as existing installations of Prism Suite, Prism Deploy or PwrSmart. This has the advantage of allowing New Boundary Technologies customers to use existing hardware resources and software licenses efficiently (for example, Windows 2008 server or SQL Server). In addition, Policy Commander 3 makes it possible for customers to use the same Channel database for Policy Commander that they currently use for the Prism suite of products. In other words, the computers you currently manage in your Prism Deploy Console can also be managed in your Policy Commander Console.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you do not evaluate Policy Commander on your existing production Prism installation, because if you decide to uninstall it later, it could affect your Prism installation. Instead, install the Policy Commander evaluation on a "test" system. When you are ready to purchase, you can go ahead and share Policy Commander and Prism on the same system.

Here are some important facts to take into consideration before going ahead with a shared server installation.

· If you are evaluating Policy Commander on your Prism Server and you decide not to purchase Policy Commander, you cannot uninstall it without breaking your existing Prism Suite installation because there are shared components between the two products. We strongly recommend that Policy Commander evaluations be installed on a separate test system from your production Prism Server.

· If you do decide to evaluate Policy Commander on the same server as Prism, it is very important to back up your existing Prism Channel databases before installing an evaluation of Policy Commander. As long as you have database backups, New Boundary Technologies’ support staff will be able to help you get your Prism installation up and running again.

· If you are installing Policy Commander for evaluation on a system where the Prism Package Editor is installed, you don’t need to input the evaluation serial number you received for Policy Commander. During installation, the Prism serial number will already be filled in, and it is a valid number for installing Policy Commander.

· All existing Prism Channel databases will be upgraded to the schema version used by Policy Commander 3.x.

· Components that are shared between Prism and Policy Commander servers will be upgraded to the Policy Commander version. The shared components are prismserver.sys, pdserver.exe, pdsvrmgr.exe, and ptshlext.dll, msidll.dll, prismworker.dll.