How to Run External Commands from a Prism Script

The information in this article applies to:

• Prism Deploy

• Prism Pack

• PictureTaker


All Prism and PictureTaker products support a "/Run" command for use within scripts. The /Run command allows you to launch external DOS or Windows programs. Here's the context of the command:

/Run [/Wait] [/Continue] <external command>


Script execution should resume immediately after the specified program is launched.


Causes script execution to pause until the external program is completed. /Wait is the default when neither of the options is provided.

<external command>:

The DOS or Windows program to be launched. There do not need to be any quotes around the program and its arguments, but you'll want to quote single arguments or file-names that contain spaces. The entire command-line can contain normal environment variables or Prism and PictureTaker variables.

HINT: A DOS window opens when using the /Run command to launch DOS programs on Windows 9X systems. This window may stay open and the script may not continue until you close this window. Use the command %COMSPEC% /c at the beginning of the external command to cause the DOS window to close automatically. For example:

/Run /Wait %COMSPEC% /c Map S := \\Intranet\Prism

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