pLink.exe (6.3)




Lists switches. Example:
  plink -?


Requests a secure shell connection, which means sshd needs to be running on the target.


Requests a telnet connection, which means telnetd needs to be running on the target.


Requests an r-commands (BSD) connection, which means ...




Verbose works great to trace exactly what plink is attempting during the connection request. Example:

plink.exe -ssh -P 22 -v

-P port

You MUST specify a port number to run plink. Normally 22 but could be configured differently in the target machine config file. Example:

plink.exe -ssh -P 1222 -v

-l user

Specify user to login as on the command line. Example:

plink.exe -ssh -P 22 -l root

-m file

Execute remote commands from local file. You can create a local command file with Unix commands in it, and run it remotely and automatically. Example -- "find /usr/local -name pmapp -print" in cmds.txt can be run with:

plink.exe -ssh -P 22 -m cmds.txt


Disable all interactive prompts.

SSH Only Switch


-pw password

Specify password ... ok with SSH because of encryption


Forward local port to remote address


Forward remote port to local address

-X or -x

Enable/Disable X11 forwarding

-A or -a

Enable/Disable agent forawarding

-t or -T

Enable/Disable pty allocation

-1 or -2

Force use of SSH version 1 or 2


Enable compression

-i key

Private key file for authentication